Selasa, 21 November 2017
Event & Training Officer

Job Requirements is the leading legal web portal and the most reliable legal reference in Indonesia. We’re currently looking for talented individual to fill the Event & Training Officer position as part of our organizing team.
Hukumonline organizing team ( TALKS ) is supported by law school graduates, which enables us to create a well-researched proposal and terms of reference. Every member in our team also has a vast experience in event organizing; from focused group discussion to big law conference, we will design the event that suits our clients' goals. The characteristics of our events:
Excellent and Influential Event
Supported by hukumonline forum and our professional journalists, we always get the best access for institution leaders, law enforcers, government officials, distinguished lawyers and experts from various fields of study. We always maintain the high standard of our events and we always aim to make them influential.
Actual and Strategic Legal
Topic is supported by the largest and most comprehensive law database in Indonesia.Our database team has a large network in both central and regional government agencies which guarantee that our topics will always be actual, strategic, and progressive.

Specific Target Audience
Our audience came from government agencies, reputable private institutions, distinguished law firms and other notable institutions.
Wide promotion and publication network
All our events will be widely publicized on our website, as well as various major social networks we are currently part of.
We now invite law graduates to become a part of our revolutionary legal education!

Here’s your key responsibilities :
Organizing every legal events in, including seminars, workshops and discussions, which also includes:


  • Researching every new regulations and current legal issues;
  • Maintaining good relationship with the government bodies, lawmakers, lawyers and other stakeholders.

And what you’ll need:



  • Bachelor of Law Degree (Fresh Graduates are welcome);
  • Experience in the field of event organizing and legal research;
  • Good reasoning and analytical thinking, as well as good communication skill;
  • Ability to work under pressure with deadlines;
  • Knowledge in basic computer applications.

Please send your Application Letter, CV, and Sample Proposal to with the subject " E&T OFFICER-APPLICATION "
For more information on what we do, visit
Sample Proposal -Event Planning Proposal
Event P­­­lanning Proposalprovides an overview of the key elements of planning and delivering your event. The key questions your proposal should address are:


  1. What is the event?
  2. Why are you having the event?
  3. What will happen at the event?
  4. Who is the event for?
  5. How much will the event cost and how to cover it?
  6. When will the event take place?
  7. Where will the event take place?




 - Labib Muttaqin
24.09.17 01:51
Saat ini saya merupakan mahasiswa magister hukum UGM, domisili saya di Yogyakarta, apakah dengan kondisi saya yang sekarang saya bisa bergabung dengan team ? Mohon Jawabanya, Terimakasih.
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