Membedah Pelindungan Data Pribadi dalam Bootcamp Bersama APPDI

Membedah Pelindungan Data Pribadi dalam Bootcamp Bersama APPDI

Konsep yang terus berkembang sejak tahun 1890 saat teknologi fotografi semakin maju hingga kini di era internet of things.

Normand Edwin Elnizar
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OECD memperbarui pedoman tentang data pelindungan data pribadi itu baru pada tahun 2013. Ada delapan prinsip penting soal privasi yang disusun OECD di sana sebagai berikut.

  1. Collection Limitation:

           Data collection should occur only with the knowledge and consent of a concerned individual (data subject).

  1. Use Limitation:

           Collected data must not be used for purposes other than the ones specified at the time of collection.

  1. Data Quality:

           You should only collect information which is relevant and accurate for a particular aim.

  1. Security Safeguards:

           Reasonable measures must be taken to protect data from unauthorized use, destruction, modification, or disclosure of personal information.

  1. Individual Participation:

           The concerned individual should know if their information has been collected and must be able to access it if such data exists.

  1. Openness:

           Individuals should be able to avail themselves of data collection and be able to contact the entity collecting this information.

  1. Purpose Specification:

           The intended use for a particular piece of information must be known at the time of collection.


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