Kamis, 20 March 2014
Drafting Commercial Contracts in English
Techniques for Drafting and Analyzing Commercial Contracts in English with Keld Conradsen
The two-day training, held on Wednesday - Thursday, 7-8 May 2014, aims to improve participants’ accuracy in the use of English words and legal vocabulary in a very short time, and also help with providing skills and approaches so that the participants will be able to examine the legal pitfalls, risks and the legal consequences that may result from the incorrect or inaccurate formulation of legal texts and documents in English. Focus will also be given to the idiosyncrasies and challenges faced by Indonesian speaking lawyers. The main purpose of this training is to provide knowledge, information and understanding regarding the techniques for drafting a contract in English, particularly a commercial contract. Some of the matters that were presented in this training, includes:
  • Background – What influences the legal drafter and why this is important?
  • How legal documents are interpreted
  • Plain English and benefits of good drafting
  • Different countries different approaches?
  • Things to avoid when drafting
  • How to draft English contracts and legal documents
  • Special considerations when drafting in dual languages and the Indonesian context
Our Trainer: Keld Conradsen
Keld Conradsen is currently foreign counsel to DDC Lawyers and Business Advisors. He has over two decades of broad commercial law experience advising corporations and individuals with cross border matters in multiple countries. Amongst others, he formerly worked as foreign counsel at Herbert Smith/HBT Law Office Jakarta (2007-2009) and at Blake Dawson Waldron in Sydney (2004-2006) and before that with other large international law firms including time in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to his more recent work with Indonesian lawyers, his first degree was an LLB from a Japanese University in the Japanese language which served as initial basis in helping and working with non-native English speakers to produce English language contracts and other documents. The production of English language documents has always been central to his work which has continuously involve issues associated with the language and drafting challenges faced by non-native English speakers, as he continuously assists their work to produce and refine English language legal documents.

The training was succesfully held in Harris Hotel Riverview, Kuta - Bali.
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