Senin, 25 Maret 2019
Drafting English Language Legal Documents and Contracts
This two-days training aims to provide know-how to improve participant's techniques in drafting English legal documents
Hukumonline Training 2019
"Drafting English Language Legal Documents and Contracts"
This two-days training aims to provide know-how to improve participant's techniques in drafting English legal documents, including contracts, and choosing accurate English words with suitable legal vocabularies in a brief period. The training will also provide skills and guidance for participants to examine and approach the legal downturns, risks and consequences which may occur from the incorrect or inaccurate drafting of English legal texts and legal documents. Emphasis will also be given to overcome the practical challenges and obstacles which are particularly faced by Indonesian-speaking lawyers.
Time and Venue
Date: Wednesday-Thursday, 24 - 25 April 2019
Time: 08.30 – 17.00
Venue: Aryaduta Hotel, Tugu Tani, Jakarta
Facilities & Registration Fee
Training Kit, Training Materials, 2x Lunches, 4x Coffee Breaks, Minutes of Training, and Certificate
Registration Fee:
Subscriber : IDR 4.400.000
Non-Subscriber : IDR 4.950.000
(Early bird until 17 April 2019 : IDR 4.620.000)
Get group discount for minimum 3 participants from one company!
Our Trainer
Keld Conradsen, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., MBA.
Foreign Counsel of DDC Law Firm and Business Advisors
Keld has over 20 years of experience working as a commercial lawyer on all kinds of commercial transactions in a number of countries as an independent, in some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated international law firms, as well as in smaller law firms. He had broad exposure to transactions and legal matters in many Asian countries but with deeper expertise in Indonesia, Japan and Australia. Career path and main focus of work has varied and developed over the years depending on market forces, changes in economy, and central base, but having dealt with fundamentally the same issues in a number of countries, from a comparative basis have developed particular insight into common an idiosyncratic issues for commercial firms in any given jurisdiction and ability to quickly ascertain and deal with such issues.
His work has covered a wide variety of commercial and cross border transactions including energy, foreign startup operations, technology, real estate, mining, M&A, regulatory matters in the financial, telecommunications and technology sectors, cross boarder investment and joint ventures, property transactions including new developments and banking and financing aspects of both, banking and security documents in context of commercial transactions, distressed assets and restructurings having worked on and been responsible for, in varying degrees, large and small transactions alike including autonomous client and transaction management for clients from large corporations to individuals on personal matters. Experience in smaller regional offices of large law firms has also given deep exposure to and responsibility for managerial issues related to business operations for law firms and also for corporate clients particularly in the Indonesian context.
Day 1                                        
  • Plain English – What is it and why is it important and relevant
  • Structure, Planning, and Format – Approaches to drafting English language legal documents
  • What not to do – Examples of things to avoid
  • Use of Precedents and some examples – Important Clauses to Remember

Day 2
  • How courts have interpreted English language contracts
  • What to do – Rules and approaches for drafting documents
  • Important Grammatical Points and Common Mistakes
  • Indonesian and English Dual Language – Some Examples
Contact Person:
Fisca Dahlia 
(021) 2270 8910 atau email:
Keld Conradsen
DDC Lawyers and Business Advisors
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